At BJJ BRAY we have 3 classes per week PERFECT for BEGINNERS!

You can join us Monday & Wednesday Evenings at 6pm, or on Sunday morning at 11am!

In these classes, students will be taken at their own pace through the BASICS of Jiu Jitsu & Submission Grappling.

These classes are attended by all levels, but Dont be intimidated – they are FOR YOU! We are excited to share everything we know with you over the course of your Jiu Jitsu Journey

Fitness, or previous experience is not a concern! This class is open to ALL men and women ages 16+

ALL of our BASICS CLASSES are NO-GI, meaning we dont train with the traditional kimono (GI). So all you need to start are shorts and a teeshirt!

If you have any injuries or special conditions, or are interested in private training – please make contact us with us in advance!

Our members have access to all scheduled classes.


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Led by Black Belt instructors, our basics classes are designed to give students a functional and easy to understand grappling framework.

Of course, we cannot cover everything in one class – but with consistent attendance over a number of weeks and months, students will take classes on Submission holds and escapes, pinning positions and their defences, guard and guard passing as well as takedowns and fighting from the feet.

All of our basics classes are currently NO-GI, meaning we do not wear the traditional uniform – all you need is shorts and a teeshirt to join us!

Typically – a basics class will consist of a short warmup, technique demonstration and practice with a partner, and what we call ‘positional training’ which is where we test the specific technique/position against a resisting opponent.

Each class is 60 minutes long.

Students of all belt ranks are encouraged to participate in this class weekly – the fundamental techniques of jiu jitsu should be the foundation for all levels.

In this class, students will expand on the techniques and principles learned in our basics program.

Class begins with a short warmup. students will then ‘drill’ the techniques of the day with a partner – as in our basics class. Students who attend the mixed levels class are expected to have a solid understanding of the basics of jiu jitsu, and as such, the curriculum tends to be slightly more advanced.

After practicing, we will spend the remainder of the class completing rounds of sparring. The ability to spar realistically and safely is what separates jiu jitsu from a lot of more traditional martial arts. Sparring is not suitable for complete beginners.

This class is suitable for all students who have completed a short course of our basics program.

Exactly as it says on the tin, every Tuesday at 7pm we hold a sparring session open to all belt levels. While not suitable for complete beginners, students who are training in our basics program are encouraged to attend!

The class will warm up independently, and we will pair off for rounds of sparring, with rounds and rest dictated by a timer. Typically this class lasts for one hour, and is a great workout and chance to hone the skills and techniques developed in class.

Spar with other students of all levels and spar with coaches, this class is essential for anyone keen to compete in jiu jitsu.

An open training session for all levels, open also to visitors and guests from other schools.

Use the time to spar, to exercise, to drill technique or ask questions. The final training session of the week, and a great way for students of all levels to train together.